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Inspired living made easy.

Shakespeare. Einstein. Da Vinci. The common thread that weaved these legendary figures into history was their inspirational passion for their craft. It is this same passion for our work, and an unwavering belief in our purpose, that drives us to deliver excellence and inspired living in every project we undertake.

Our Common Purpose

Our Common Purpose

We make it easy for people of all ages who share our passion for excellence and inspired living to live in beautifully designed spaces.

We challenge established convention by thinking outside the box. We start with the goal in mind, and then we figure out the best way to get there. We execute through creatively themed developments that are beautifully designed, immersive, and unique, with our customer in mind. We engineer our products to be efficient yet inspiring. And we select employees and partners who skill- fully craft our product with pride.

We believe a house is more than just a space. It is where you recharge, escape, seek security, create memories, share, and find inspiration for living every day to your full potential.

Our company is based on four principled values, to which we hold all of our employees and partners accountable to:

Illustration of a smaller house next to a larger condo building


We value humbleness & don’t like egos. We value opinions. Everyone must keep up & pull their weight. We value loyalty.

Icon of a computer desk with a plant next to it

Lean and Organized

We see ourselves like a pro sports team, not a recreation league. We value simplicity, eliminate distracting complexity, and we fix problems quickly.

Icon of a compass (drawing tool)


We value efficiency and attention to detail and we will behave like a steadfast engineer in all that we do.

Icon of a hand holding the earth


We thrive on making things better. We ruthlessly weed out complacency. We value and reward creativity.

It is with these values we are writing our own story – our legend.

Make no mistake, this is no urban myth. Just like you, we are a legend in the making.

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